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In order to launch MTS North Carolina, PCA churches and church members across the Tar Heel State will need to resource this ministry in three ways:

  • Financial Support: We need financial resources in order to engage in discipleship, training, mission, ministry staff, and travel. Would you, your Session, and your church’s missions committee consider investing in this important ministry to our state government officials? To help launch this MTS North Carolina by giving financially, please click here.

  • Networking Support: Churches throughout North Carolina have members who are elected officials, lobbyists, or are otherwise connected with those serving in state government. Would you be willing to connect me with those in your sphere of influence who have an “in” at the state capitol?

  • Prayer Support: It will be impossible to reach the lost and shepherd God’s people at the capitol unless the Holy Spirit works mightily in my soul and through my efforts. Would you pray for me, that God would bless my labors and grow me in the “grace and knowledge of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18)?

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