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Ministry to State is a missional partner of Mission to North America, serving as a ministry of evangelism and discipleship to those in government positions with five fundamental objectives:

  • Pastoral Care: To engage elected officials, legislative aides, policy advisors, lobbyists, and others at the North Carolina State Capitol with the transforming truths of the gospel through healthy relationships.

  • Worldview Formation: To provide encouragement and support of a Biblical world and life view to those in government who make a profession of faith.

  • Biblical Fidelity: To be instrumental in establishing and maintaining a Biblical conscience throughout the government community who both create and implement policy.

  • Church Connection: To provide a healthy means to connect the Church in a non-partisan manner with those in government.

  • Prayerful Engagement: To promote and facilitate specificity and intelligent prayer by the body of Christ for those serving in government.

Our Mission: About Us
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