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Why We Need Ministry to State

Members of the New York State Senate and gallery viewers applauding the passage of the Reproductive Health Act.

By now you have probably heard that the New York State Legislature passed a bill - subsequently signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo - which essentially denies unborn children in New York any legal protections at any stage in their mother’s pregnancy. The passage of this bill was audibly cheered by the New York State Senate upon its passage. Only a legislator or governor who does not know Christ as s/he ought or does not know him at all would support such a law.

This is one reason why we need Ministry to State in our state capitols. Many of our elected officials know Christ and they need support, encouragement, and discipleship to live out their identity in Christ both as individual citizens and as public servants. Others claim to know Jesus, but have no idea what that means, resulting in a life that is wildly incongruent with their profession of faith. And then there are those who reject Him, either through active rebellion or passive indifference. In all instances, the gospel needs to reach our public servants; people who play a tremendous role in either promoting justice or wickedness in their respective states.

The Presbyterian Church in America, through Mission to North America, is the only denomination which sends ordained ministers into our state capitols, not to lobby for or against certain policies, but to bring the gospel to our elected leaders. We long to point our elected officials to Christ, bring the the Scriptures to bear upon their lives, provide them with worldview formation, and offer spiritual guidance. We also aim to connect the local church to their elected leaders and equip the church to offer specific, intelligent prayer for their representatives. Please pray that God would raise up men to serve with MTS who have a passion to reach our public servants with the gospel and that churches and individuals in the PCA would prayerfully and financially support these ministries.

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